Starrem2k13, a simple open source tool for removing stars from deep sky images.
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Getting Started

Download the pre-built binaries for Windows here. Simply unzip the downloaded zip archive and run the below command in command prompt:
starrem2k13 image_with_stars.jpg starless.jpg

Download the pre-built binaries for Linux here.They have been tested with Ubuntu 20.04 and should work with other Linux distros. Execute the following commands:
tar -xvzf starrem2k13_ubuntu_20.04.tar.gz
cd starrem2k13_ubuntu_20.04
chmod +777 starrem2k13
starrem2k13 image_with_stars.jpg starless.jpg

Download the pre-built binary for MacOS here. The executable should work with most versions of MacOS. Unzip all the contents of the downloaded archive to a folder. Open Terminal, navigate to the folder and type the following command:
starrem2k13 image_with_stars.jpg starless.jpg

Make sure you have docker installed and then execute :
docker run -v $PWD:/usr/src/app/starrem2k13/data \
-it code2k13/starrem2k13 \
/bin/bash -c "./ ./data/example.jpg ./data/example_starless.jpg"
Note that $PWD refers to your current working directory. In the above example it is assumed that the file example.jpg resides in your current working directory. This directory is mounted as a volume with the path /usr/src/app/starreduction/data inside the docker container. The output image example_starless.jpg will also be written to same directory.


Where can I find source code for this tool?
The source code is available here

Can I train my own model and use with this tool?
Yes you can, please refer to this section.

I need help?
You can reach out to me on Twitter @patilsaheb

Why is the startup of the program so slow ?
I use PyInstaller to create executables from my Python scripts. This tool basically creates a bundle with python, required dependencies, my scripts and model weights. When it runs, it needs to unpackage everything , which takes time.

How can I perform batch star removal?
Checkout the simple shell script from the project's repo. Since Starrem2k13 is a command-line utility, it can be used in many different ways.